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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Deco inspiration: classic with colorful twist

Help. I want this living room. Seriously. It has the colorful twist I've been dreaming of for a living room. Let's thank decorator Miles Redd for the fabulous work. It's classic. But I had to hold my breath when I saw the teal curtains - in such composition with golden-green-ish wall and other extravagantly bold details. I swear I love this. I had to know why... yes, I have always preferred teal over blue, golden over yellow, and a dash of dark red or fuchsia or bold raspberry popping up somewhere. And those colors as floral patterns on a beige background. And in this room I discovered the power of black as well. Look at those black frames. They add to an oh so powerful character to this room. I always admire those people who can do the combination and orchestrate the colors to a fantastic room to step in, and stay.

How will I put this inspiration to my own graphics?

I'm in for the color orchestra! inspired by the colors in this room. Will be perfect for your playfile collection to accompany the Graphic Goodness Exercises :-) This graphic goodness kit will be available soon at Amretasgraphics Shop. 

In the meantime get a bit taste of this graphic goodness kit... the two blog background tiles below were made using the color orchestra above, free for you to download and use if you want. I use Template Designer on Blogger and it's very easy to change the background. Just make sure that you choose 'tile vertically' so the background will repeat itself making a beautiful patterned tile :o)

Have a graphic goodness!!

Here come the two blog background tiles (click on the image until it's fully open then save it to your own storage disk)

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