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Sunday, November 21, 2010

GGE 1 Gratitude Cards Day 5

If  you haven't done so, read the "playnote" dan "do-it-your-way challenge" for this Graphic Goodness Exercises 1 - Gratitude Cards Week 1 - here.

How I created the image above on Adobe Photoshop:
  • open the digital papers from my f.r.e.e. goodiebag
  • copy and paste the pink background
  • using elliptical marquee tool, copy and paste the big grey ellips
  • using rectangular marquee tool, copy and paste cubes in various sizes and from various colors, copy the layer when necessary to make more images and then use move tool to create a composition of the two houses
  • using polygonal lasso tool, create the blue and brown triangles, copy and paste, then use move tool to place the triangles to the top of the houses images, to make the roof
  • using polygonal lasso tool, create the brown triangle to create a tree image, copy and paste
  • using the rectangular marquee tool, create the green circle, copy and paste, copy layer twice to make 2 more images then use the move tool to make a composition of a tree
  • using type tool, create the text. Type on this sampler: Trebuchet. Use the move tool to place the text as you like.
Now you can play and create your own card with the PSD file that you can download above :o)

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