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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Year of Fortune Cookies

Yay! Soon we enter the Chinese Golden Rabbit Year and I'm inspired to...well...have something related to it on Amretasgraphics to share with you my lovely readers :-)

A little secret: I love what comes to my inbox daily. I subscribe to a few inspiring newsletters and tidbits and some of them, most of the time, made me smile and at least a few seconds of mood boosting that could last all day. Sometimes more. Isn't that great?

And yesterday, I just got a thought of opening a personal account on Facebook for Amretasgraphics... and I oh so love it! I can now connect with my readers personally. How wonderful it is to get to know my lovely graphic friends! :-))))

Once I opened the 'home' of Amretasgraphics personal account... I stumbled upon a fortune cookie application by a friend, and so I clicked and voila! An encouraging word popped up on the screen. It was "Believe in yourself and others will too"

Okay, so this is my intention: I'll pick some encouraging words I encounter that really shoot me to the soul each day. And post it on the blog and Facebook. And Twitter (my Facebook account and Twitter are interconnected). Of course, using various graphics of my very own creation (talking about sharing good energy, my friends! :-)). And this is intended (and now scheduled) for a year long, 365 days of fortune cookies.

If you like the idea, you can also use this as a fabulous 'excuse' to practice the Graphic Goodness Exercises ;-) The Chinese new years focus on prosperity, good fortune, overall wellbeing, health and luck. Love it. And I'd like to have a little adventure in that. Interested in coming along? ;-)

A grand journey always starts with a small first step. Here's mine:

from fortune cookie 110115

from fortune cookie 110116

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