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Monday, February 28, 2011

A Year of Fortune Cookies - card kit - free download - part 1

Oh dear, now I understand what the problem with creating a tutorial...my way. It's that I always found something new each time I went further with my graphics, and the tutorial I previously made feels, well, ...old (!)

But anyway, I also understand it's a process I really cherish and don't you think it's worth celebrated? *winkwink*

As mentioned in yesterday's "blackberry post" I still have no internet access at my new place, and now working from a cafe with free wi-fi...I'm running out of time! I'm posting below now the Kindwords Cards Free Package for you to download, and as time permit I'll do the "explanation" in the next post, just take it as a series :-D

Now, if you can't wait to play with the kindwords cards kit and to create your own... download the package here (zipped 6,55 MB)

Talk to you again tomorrow, I'll explain everything about this kit :-))))))

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