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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Year of Fortune Cookies - card kit - free download - part 2

hello! as promised here’s a little ‘guide post’ for you to play with the kindwords cards kit. (download the kit here if you happened to miss it)

first of all, this kindwords cards kit is to be ‘played’ in Adobe Photoshop. I have posted a series of tutorials on how I created cutout cards for my blog – the graphic goodness exercises, + the kindwords card tutorial itself..so if you also happened to miss the them… please ‘play’ with them first here: http://www.amretasgraphicsblog.com/search/label/tutorial

in the free kit you can find the following:
  • two working files, in PSD format. one with the basic graphics (640x480px and 560x400px backgrounds, transparent tape, rose bear graphics and text) and another with additional cutout graphics, for inspiration ;-)
  • in the first working file, you will see I included 25 free patterned backgrounds(640x480px) in the file. you can, for example, delete ones you already use, so that you don’t have to worry about using the same backgrounds repeatedly. but then remember to keep the zipped file in case you want the working file with all the 25 backgrounds back!!
  • 18 patterned backgrounds, PNG format 640x480px, based on the websets you can download when you subscribe to my newsletter
  • 3 beige basic middle backgrounds, PNG format 560x400px
  • 2 transparent tapes, also in PNG format
  • 2 final images from the working files.
  • note: the font I use in he working files is *Euphorigenic* that you can download for free, for example on http://www.urbanfonts.com/fonts/Euphorigenic.htm

if you are already familiar with photoshop (or the tutorials on how I created the cards)- then great! you also know that you can play further with the files, and that what I created is only a basic kit, a sample or you can even call it a ‘teaser’. you can experiment with different fonts in different sizes, and also with different graphics or pictures. yes, pictures! you can create your own fancy scrapbook-style framed-pictures with the kit. imagination is your only limit. creativity will flow when you just do it, take my word for it, it’s based on my own experience. I think all creative people all over the world definitely agree with me! :-))

anyway, do not forget that you can use the kindwords cards to illustrate or decorate your blog, website, etc, for free :-)

and here’s a little sample of ‘tweaked’ working file with the text replaced with picture of my almost 2 year-old nephew, Attila (living in Stuttgart, Germany), talking to me (in Jakarta, Indonesia) on Skype. it’s our new ‘hobby’ :-)) such an internet-age baby, he's my little muse!!

Enjoy the graphic goodness!!

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