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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Year of Fortune Cookies - Kindword Card 110301-17

Ohyay! The kindword card series skipped the whole month of February! Now let's restart and guess what in the meantime I learned some tricks to not miss the series ever again! :D What's that? Scroll down if you want to know! 

It's never too late to be what you might have been.
- George Eliot

So, you want to know the secret? ;-)

Here's a little background: as I have a fulltime job that I equally love, and sometimes it can be very busy there, I found out that I could only work on my graphics mostly on weekends. And of course, on weekends when I don't have extra work or activities. Normally I should have enough time in the evening...but there were times when that little devil called "feeling tired and no energy" was much stronger than my motivation to stay up. What's should I do?

Oh yes, be fearless and do that usual trial-and-error baby! Guaranteed sooner or later an 'aha moment' will come to your side :o) I found this little trick that would save me a whole lot (I use Blogger.com as platform) : when you finish writing and about to post...below the writing field find this function "Post Options" click on that link and you'll see on the right side "Post date and time". By default it's set to "automatic". Click on the other button, "scheduled at" and two more fields, the date field and the time field will appear. Now change the date to the very date you want your post to be published. Also change the time if necessary. Up to you. Anyhow, it's your post. You're the boss :-))

So that's the secret! For my fortune cookies series, now I collect the inspiration during the week before, keeping them in my graphic notebook. I create the cards when I have time (and sufficient energy) in the evening and on the weekend, then post the cards for the week ahead using the very trick I just revealed above :o)

I just swear by this method...it saves me a lot of energy and I don't need to worry whether I wouldn't have a time to draw today or if I wouldn't get access to the internet this evening. Worry free and this keeps me happy! :o))

You might have known this trick before :o) but if you didn't - i hope this little tips can be useful for you too :o))

Have a graphic goodness my friends!!

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