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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Deadline extended (no hurry! :o): Invitation to be part of the upcoming Blogzine :o)

At the earliest the first week of June – at the latest on 1 August (the 11th birthday of Amretasgraphics :o)) – it will be a big thing for me: the online shop re-open, the blog re-arranged, the activities re-scheduled, the fortune cookies re-planned and the blogzine revived! Yippeee! If Amretasgraphics seemed calm and quiet lately, I’m very very busy preparing delicious stuff behind the screen (oh, I love it, he he). It’s a bit ‘sneaky’ as the ‘computer-time’ is only in the evening after work and on weekends. That’s how I can’t guarantee the exact date for the big-day. Now I just wait for the good time to take a long summer days-off, and in the meantime, it’s all about preps and planning. Sounds exciting? *wink-wink*

And speaking specifically about Amretasgraphics Blogzine, I was ecstatic to see the statistics on issuu.com/amreta (where I placed the blogzines) that the three previous issues have been viewed and downloaded thousands of times since their publication in June and July last year. Don’t you think it’s just time to revive the zines?? I love creating them, to be very honest. As always I looove playing with layouts and color combinations on the pages. The problem, then? Why I stopped creating ones? You might guess: the contents. Sure I could create printables, sure I could add more graphics and journaling stuff. But I always wanted to have blogzines with more inspiring contents, not solely about amretasgraphics –  it should be about  ‘amretasgraphics and friends’ :o) Amretasgraphics Blogzines should be ‘owned’ by you as well, dear readers and fellow bloggers. I dream of a beautiful goodie space you would happily be part of, in an easy-to-distribute format (I think it is!) so it makes a lovely way to share your gifts and inspiration with the world through the inter-lovely-web. It would make a lovely way to spread the word and to promote your blog or website. Together we get ahead and grow, no?

Well, that is my intention. So, would you help me to revive the blogzine? *another wink-wink*

Here are the easy peasy PLAY-rules for the upcoming blogzine (issue 04 – June 2011). I would like to invite you to be part of it – your contribution is superduperly appreciated :o). The theme for this issue is “getting and staying inspired”.

All you need to do is answering / sharing your thoughts on the few points listed further below on this post.

There are three ways of submitting your story:
1. Post your story on your blog. When it’s ready, leave a comment on this post below, tell us your name, the name & URL of your blog / website / shop, where you live, and the link to your blog post with the story.
2. Post your story directly by leaving a comment on this post (text only), tell us your name, the name & URL of your blog / website / shop, and where you live. If you have pictures to share, send them to amretasblogzine@gmail.com with subject: Blogzine picture from …(your name).
3. Send your story + pictures directly to amretasblogzine@gmail.com


Here are the questions / points :

Part 1: your thoughts about getting and staying inspired. What does it mean for you to get and stay inspired? When and/or where do you feel most inspired?

Part 2: your list of must-have’s, must-do’s, must-see’s, must-read’s, must-listen’s, must-visit’s, personal tips and recommendations, etc., to get and stay inspired. I know it can be very very long ;-) but you can list some of the top things you love the most.

Part 3: include picture(s)! yay! It must be a picture of you – a picture of your artsy-crafty creation - or a picture that you took yourself, which makes you feel happy and inspired everytime you look at it.

Part 4: if you have particular story or words or experience that makes you feel specially inspired and that lifts you up from the feeling of getting stuck…you can also share it here (+ links if it’s about or connected to a website)

The blogzine is planned to be published on 11 June.

Wanna see a sample + sneak peek on how it will look? View the sneaky-peeky-sample below, or download the pdf file here if you prefer to save the file for viewing it offline.

Once the blogzine is published and your story is in, I will email you attaching the buttons (samples below) that you can insert to your original blog-post, blog or website. You will also get the embed code if you want to publish the blogzine on your own blog. You will also get the rights to offer the blogzine as gift from your site, since you’re part of it.

Q: What if I miss the deadline?
A: Don’t worry, even if you don’t make it to the blogzine because you miss the deadline, your story will always be published on amretasgraphicsblog.com. It really depends on how many stories I receive until the deadline, whether I can include them all in one blogzine or I will make another series with the next issue. In any case, a link to the submitted stories will also included in the blogzine.

Q: What if I don’t have a website / blog, but I want to participate?
A: No problem. Tell us a little bit about yourself instead.

Do you have any more questions? Send your question(s) to my email amretasblogzine@gmail.com and allow me about one day to reply.

And voila! I hope you like the idea and that you will participate with your story and tips to inspire friends and more friends through the lovely net-world :o)

Like this project? Do you know some people who might be interested in submitting their stories? Do share it with your friends using the share buttons on the post-footer below :o) sweet thanks!

1 comment:

  1. I just posted my article inspired by your call to inspiration on my blog, Musings of a Hennaphile.

    I live in lovely Lemon Grove, CA (which is really a suburb of San Diego).

    Thanks for making me think!