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Monday, June 20, 2011

Amretasgraphics Blogzine issue 04 - June 2011

Amretasgraphics Blogzine is BACK! Yippeee!!!

How wonderful it feels that finally it’s up online again, as colourful as the previous three issues, plus happy, tweaked contents! For this issue I’m so excited to be able to team up with four inspiring ladies across the oceans from where I live in Indonesia...Emmanuelle in Belgium, Natasha and Robyn in the US, and Petrea in Canada .... Isn’t it fantastic, the lovely internet world? :-)

I hope what you find here will help you get inspired, get energized, get creative, get ahead, and love your life! I appreciate very very much your support and participation to keep this blogzine up.

Everyone is welcome! If you’re interested in taking part in the next blogzines, I already have it up on the last page of the blogzine. I will also post it soon in this blog. It’s a chance to be our guestblogger, to share your insights, gifts, experience, and especially if you have something lovely to offer from your website, blog or shop. Let people know how awesome you are!

This month’s theme is.... Get Inspired. I believe you will enjoy tips and stories shared by this issue’s contributors about getting and staying inspired. A must read for you all creative souls :-)

Like this blogzine? Do share it with your friends and give them a graphic goodness treat using the share buttons on the post-footer below :o) sweet thanks!

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