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Monday, August 1, 2011

Amretasgraphics 11th Birthday!!!

TODAY is Amretasgraphics' 11th birthday! Yippiiii! It's a celebration!!

And as you will see .. the website, the shop, the artwork and the blog are in the process of being totally

Bit by bit. Since I can only work on my graphics on weekends and in my sparetime, that's how the site, the shop and the blog will be updated. 

I'm so glad to say I've made a plan for the next 52 weeks! Yay! :o) 52 weeks of graphicalicious updates! And hopefully my 4 year-old dearest only laptop will behave well so the plan can run smoothly *knock on the wood* (yes it run into some troubles lately - so I'm determined to run the shop extremely seriously this time - so that I can get extra income especially to buy a new computer with more powerful and updated programs) *wish that for me!* :o)

The 'recycled' materials (updated with new, blogging-related stuff) and the new graphic kits, photobooks, etc will be added weekend-ly, so you can have a reason to come back and visit me at least every week! :D

So voila the update for today. I'm celebrating Amretasgraphics' birthday now, doing the first updates + sipping my favorite green tea with lemon (my absolute favorite!).

PS: attention members: you will get the link and password to access the 'secret page' in about a week from now through the mailing list (you can subscribe if you haven't done so), and you will get with the first week update: the first "recycled" web+blog sets, my ever growing tile collection and one of the graphic kits. Yummy, no? *wink*

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