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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Birthday Thank You! and New Plan for the Blog

Hello all!

What a lovely, amazing feeling to read all your 'birthday wishes' that came to this blog, my facebook pages and emails! Thank you sooo much! They all made my day!

And guess what, I took a break after writing the birthday post, and yesterday, too. And I feel so good now. Fresh and more motivated :-) I do think that giving myself a break is really a good treat. You know I work full time on weekdays, and mostly work on my graphics on weekends and in the evening after work. And so if I take a break from my fulltime job on weekend, it's just so fair to take a break (and recharge!) from my graphics on weekdays! *LOL*

During the break, I couldn't help but pondering how my 11 years online have been. It wasn't an easy route, but most of all everything in it has brought me joy. And lovely friendships. And a lot of lessons.

If there is something I regret, it's that I realised I never really took note of how I created my graphics. Some of my earlier work has been gone with two server crashes, and the physical journals I wrote in are also gone with the big floods...especially the one in 2007 when the water reached 2m high in our place, and I didn't have the chance to save many of my belongings.

Now that I kinda want to start (almost) all over again with my site and blogs, I see a great potential for this blog as a tool and place to chronicle my 'endeavor', my 'trial-and-error' on creating graphics and www, thus it will make it easier for you who might be curious about how I created my artwork, my blogs, etc... I've received emails asking me these questions and I felt so bad that I didn't always have the time to answer. Now hopefully with my plan to chronicle what I call my "graphicalicious journey" on this blog, it would help!

That's why I'm happy about my previous decision about 'recycling' my existing graphics and start all anew. I hope you, too. Besides publishing the updates, the plan is to also to write around those graphics my inspirations, actions taken, and lessons learned.

PS..PS...I'd like to warn you, though, that what you'll read here about me creating graphics is a self-taught thing.

You might know a more efficient and easier way of drawing graphics your style, so here my intention is rather sharing what I know and what I do on my artwork, chronicling what I learn day by day. See if that could serve as inspiration to others too :o)

PSS..PSS...the picture you see above is a sneak-peek of the first update this coming weekend :o) See you soon!

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