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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Graphicalicious diary: the whimsy woodland fairy school

A little reminder of what's soon coming to Amretagraphics! : a bunch of cute fairies in coooolorful fairy dresses. They can be a bunch of happy classmates at a fairy school, right? So last night while I finished the last basics of these webset, the Whimsy Woodland Fairy School at Amretasgraphics was born.

Oh dear, I thought, now I have the whole whimsy woodland as my graphicalicious playground. Yippii! And today, besides the previously published graphics (I'm putting together all my existing autumn graphics as one set now) I  have finished drawing 25 fairy characters, various dresses, hats and shoes, based on these background tiles (the dotted tiles are from my previously published decoflora set).

It's typically me, you know. I really have to limit the color palette otherwise the variations of the graphics would grow uncontrollably, and the set would never be finished :o)

Even with those 10 color themes above, I could make more than one hundred elements for dresses and other accessories.You can imagine the variations...

Anyhow, I will have to publish what's ready tomorrow or Monday at the latest, depending on the internet connection (as I might wrote earlier, I still have no stable internet connection at home, so I'm moving places...for my heart's delight, too! :o))

And there are always happening at the whimsy woodland, no? *wink*. So, our little friends at the fairy school will be very happy to help out. As I have promised you earlier in my previous post I will use this blog as a diary to report the progress made on my drawing board. Now, I will say: the progress and what's up in Whimsy Woodland :o)

(besides the fairies, my fuzzycuddly kindhearted bears, puppies and bunnies that some of you already know from before will be residents of the whimsy woodland, too! no worry, they will join soon. And the little girls and boys will also come to the woodland as well when it's time to play).

Do you have any great idea, question about the whimsy woodland or request? Please post them in the comment box below, or in my Facebook Page.

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  1. I love the fairies. They are soooo cute !

  2. supeeeeeeeeer, adorable, amreta. miracle glowing on your blog. Gila abis, bener deh. i have request, how about a cute genom?

  3. Brigitta: thanks sooo much! they're coming very soon to amretasgraphics :o)

    Chacha: aduh, bener cha, genoms with red hats!!