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Saturday, September 3, 2011

First part of the whimsy woodland fairies - free cliparts

Hello! As I mentioned earlier in my previous post...my 4 year-old computer started to get some troubles - mostly the screen turned blank and i had to restart the computer many times...but I really want to publish my new graphics, whatever I can finish, so thanks for bearing with me!

So here come the first 15 of 30 members of the Whimsy Woodland Fairy School! :o)

This is the free version, you can save (right-click and save) and use them right away if you want, but you have to use them "as is". Alteration comes with the purchase version, which will come soon later when the set is completed. The purchase version also comes with the PSD files and the patterns so if you love playing with the graphics, to create things and variations for your website, online shop or blog, or newsletter...you'll love it!

I have created the patterns and now it's only the finishing that I need to accomplish. So keep your fingers crossed for me, would you ;-) I will have a Whimsy Woodland Sale Party soon when the set is finished (seems like it's not good to have a shop open when the "main" new stuff is not yet ready) - which hopefully can raise sufficient amount to buy a new computer, hehe.

Okay, please welcome these little fairies, everyone! More of them will be added daily from now on, including the "old" websets so please tell all your friends! :o)

I've included here a few logos for you to use to link back to www.amretasgraphics.com

I've decided here now that the main typography for Amretasgraphics will be Henparty Serif that I purchased from Tart Workshop. But the font turned out to be a bit 'invisible' when I had to make small logos and prints so in some cases (like on the logos below) I will use the second typography: Scoglietto by CybaPee Creations. I got it free on Urban Fonts.

Voila! Have fun in the meantime with the little fairies! :o) More are still on the Rainbow Brick Road to the Whimsy Woodland of Graphicalicious Wonders and Happy Colors! (oh yeah, I LOVE making up words!!! :o)))

Linkback logos

- 130px - 150px - 170px - 190px - 210px -
(let me know if you need other size)

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  1. So pretty dreamy whimsy! Thanks Amreta,hope your lappy survive (or get a new one:)) Keep dreaming!

  2. So adorable ~ how can anyone choose just one!!!