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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The one business advice I swear by

I never went to business school. And everything about business I learned from my job as commercial assistant some years ago. But when it comes to building and running my own online little biz, like this one...being very honest, my friend, I have so far relied on my luck and curiosity.

When I started creating and publishing my graphics 11 years ago, I had no idea that I would make it into an online shop. It was pure enjoyment of creating artwork, expressing my artsy inner world and of contributing something to the world, something that put a smile in those who love my creation :o)

Of course I still want that! I have stumbled so many times now during my 11 years online with my graphics. I have enjoyed great things but also made a lot of mistakes that cost me money, time, energy, visitors, etc., etc. I realised it's still not always easy running a side business, especially when you can get so busy at your full-time job. And then so often I still feel stuck and wonder why I never made any progress.

Wonder? Ah, no, I shouldn't. I knew why I didn't move forward. I didn't have a system that works. I've read business books and blogs, and though they are great inspirations, I still haven't found a system that really works for my particular situation.

Thankfully nowadays there are a lot of successful indie crafters and artsy businesses who share their success stories online, and with the blooming of social media and other online small business applications, this endeavor becomes more and more exciting! I love what I do!

Ah yes, despite all those downsides and those lessons who disguised as "problems"... :o) I will see this now as a passion of mine. It feels so good when you are motivated, isn't it?

Now, if you follow me, get a nice journal and a pink pen (just kidding, but I just LOVE pink pens :o)) and let's note together all those beautiful ideas that come across your mind about running an awesome site, blog, or even an online shop. This is the greatest advice I've ever got about doing business:


Swipe files are AWESOME. I swear by this method. It's more than just collecting ideas or references. It's about noticing and learning from something that works. You know, when you open an email newsletter and after giving a quick glance you really really want to get the thing the newsletter is talking about? Save that newsletter, quick! And study how it is written,  look for the interesting elements that are so "pop" whether it is the style, the graphics or illustrations, the colors...what makes you "fall in love" with that newsletter?

That is also a very interesting point. You need to find the idea or strategy from those files that makes you "fall in love" - that's what you should apply to your own thing (whether it is your email, website, blog...). So don't wait, note them down on your lovely notebook with pink pen (again! :D)

After noting down all of those ideas, so what's next? Take action! Yes! Take baby steps. Choose actions that are applicable and suit your situation. But just DO something, will you?

My own personal advice: Do It Your Way

Trust your own guts. Believe in yourself. That supermodel's shoes do not always fit your feet, right? Do what you feel good for you. Again, study what works, but how you do it, do it your own way, the way that makes your heart sing.

And take my word, lovelies: Swipe Files Rock! :o)

Tips: My Thank You Book is a lovely tool to practice noticing the good things that work in your daily life. And hey, it's a free download, too! :o)

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