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Monday, November 21, 2011

School + music webset update: almost there!

Hurra! Yes! Almost there! I know it’s time to draw new holiday graphics (as planned before)…but I still have something in my drawing board, that I had actually started sometime before I got so busy at work this autumn, and it’s the School + Music webset! :o)

You see, I decided to put the two websets together and gave them some fresh retouch. And some more variations
, such as, the new boys and girls characters in different skin + hair colors.

Actually, I planned to upload the webset when it is completed. But yesterday I sat down and talked to myself...I aimed this blog to be a diary, so I'm supposed to post any updates, aren't I? :o)

So, in the next few posts you will find the graphics from the school+music webset. Take them as teasers, everybody! :o) But of course, you can save and use them right away if you like. The complete webset should be ready this weekend, since there are still several updates from the 'old' music webset that I haven't finished, and I'm doing them right now. Then, during next week, I will be posting some cool things you can do with the graphics in the webset. How does it sound? 

There's only one catch: My graphics are all linkwares made with love and so please show some love too for them, would you? *wink*. Here's how: 
please read my terms of use before using the graphics (the link will open in a new window, don't worry). 

See you very soon in the next posts :o)

"I will prepare and some day my chance will come" - Abraham Lincoln

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