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Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Year of the Dragon! A Magical, Brilliant Start! :-)

Happy Chinese New Year my friends! :-)

It's the year of the water dragon. And I love the wishes behind it. Dragon: magical creature, symbol of brilliance and power. Water: prosperity. Woohoo! Ready for magical brilliance and prosperity this year, guys?

I certainly want to start fresh (and brilliant) - though unavoidably lots of prep work is required. But hey, I'm so darn motivated! Amretasgraphics is continuously evolving, I should say... I'm forever looking for the better as I go. On new year holiday I sat down and did some evaluation (what worked and what didn't in 2011) and now I have some new plans on how to run Amretasgraphics (and Amretasgraphicsblog) in 2012.

Basically, Amretasgraphics will be divided into Amretasgraphics Club Membership and Free Membership (with the subscription to my newsletter). Some graphics will still be displayed in Amretasgraphics Blog, but members will get access to a password-protected page where the graphics can be downloaded in zip files.

This will only start next month - I'm still finishing the prep work :o) It takes long time, yes, as you know I'm doing this in spare time, after work and on weekends (when there is no extra work :o)). But I told you (above) - I'm so darn motivated! It's so great. I will spill all the bean with the next post, so stay tune!

Do you like the card above? If you have Adobe Photoshop you can play with the file, FREE! However in the PSD file for download, I changed the font to Century Gothic that is normally available in any computer (the font I use for the card above is Carrotflower by TartWorkshop).

Download the PSD file here.

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