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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blogging Tuesday: Rosy Blogging Photo Frames

Happy Valentine's Day!

It just happens to be on Tuesday and on my blog, it's Blogging Tuesday so let's have something lovey and rosy to make your blog oh-so-graphicalicious today!

You see, I am a graphic blogger so it’s graphics and graphics everywhere here :-) I would max any photo with graphics and frame, and that makes me happy. Come on, blogging your own way to happiness, isn’t that what you would want to do? *wink*

So do not fear. Max it. Your own way. You’ve got to believe in and love your own style. Many people may tell you different advices about blogging. But this is what I know for sure: one shoe doesn't fit all. Do what you're passionate about and you'll invent the 'shoe' that's right for you. Take my word for it. That will make you happy and shine brightly like the sun, and your blogging time delightful and in my case, it's oh-so-graphicalicious! :-)

Oh anyway, special for the love day the theme is rosy. Rosy blogging photo frames they are gifts for you today, adorned with graphicalicious red roses, vintage lace and romantic sky.

I have one sample here with a picture of me at the Chinese temple in Jakarta old town last Saturday. Others are in PNG with transparent area where you can place your own picture in. If you are familiar with Photoshop, you can paste your picture to the file and then send the picture layer to back. If you’re not, want me to assist you? Email me with your picture attached, and tell me which frame you want me to put the picture in. {One picture per email please}

And if you use any of the frames on your blog, make me happy, let me know! I will put a link to your post from this post. Don't be shy.

Don’t you L.O.V.E. blogging? :o)





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