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Monday, February 13, 2012

Graphicalicious Monday: New Plans number 1 and 2

As planned, my main goal for the year 2012 is to recycle, rework and renew my website, blog and certainement, graphics. I know it’s going to take sometime since I’m still doing this on spare-time basis, but somehow it has to start :-)

 So here’s plan number 1:

All my “old” graphics (+ some new updates when available) will be published weekly on Amretasgraphics Blog. Free of charge, for personal use. Isn’t that delicious? *wink* But do not forget, they are linkwares, which means you can use them to decorate your sites, online shops, blogs or to create personal projects in exchange of a linkback to amretasgraphics.com. And use them “as is”. Simple and sweet.

Those cuties will be published weekly, you ask?

Yes, I answer :-)

Every Monday, I will try my best. The posts will go under category: Graphicalicious Monday. Anyway, let’s go see my  plan number 2:

After thinking and thinking finally I decided to use my previous blogging categories, they will suit this blog very well, don’t you agree with me? (no worry if you don’t, I still love you dear readers, especially if you keep coming back :-))

Here they are:

01 Graphicalicious Monday
Under this category: old and new graphics, desktop wallpapers, graphic prints, tutorials, etc.

02 Blogging Tuesday
Under this category: graphics for blogging (backgrounds, headers, sidebars, etc), my own blogging journeys, links to blogging advices, reviews on blogging guides, etc.

03 Journaling Wednesday
Under this category: creative / art journaling stuff, journaling sheets, my thank you book, journaling resources, etc.

04 Inspiration Thursday
Under this category: things that inspire me (and probably you, as well), inspiration for my graphics and life from magazines, websites, blogs, etsy, pinterest, etc.

05 Kindwords Friday (on Kindwords Café)
Under this category: kindwords cards / boards… and actually I have plan to feature members who have kind words to say!

06 Me-Time Saturday
Under this category: everyone needs a break from time to time so this category is all about happy things that focus on wellbeing. In short, a me-time :-)

07 Little Biz Sunday
Under this category: wow yes! this category will feature my own trial-and-error journey and what I’ve learned along the way about building a little biz…in a spare time. I’ve planned to interview some blooming spare-timers, so I know it’s possible. Here I will also feature some of my favourite little biz resources and readings, which cover creative business planning, marketing, and yes, social media.

Other categories:
The seven categories above are what I planned to be the ‘main’ categories so you will know what to expect when you visit my blog :-) There will certainly be sub-categories such as tutorials, interviews, etc. and they will be placed under the most suitable main category.

However, “Graphicalicious News” (like this post) is so unpredictable though! This category will pop up on Amretasgraphics Blog whenever it needs to. Whenever I have something graphicalicious to tell y’all!

And then, Amretasgraphics Blogzine will come each month. This time, the blogzine will feature some selected blog posts (and graphics) from the previous month. It will be kind of ‘downloadable’ blog in a zine.That’s why it’s called “Blogzine” :-)

My newsletter, “The Whimsy Letter” will also undergo a bit of tweakings. It will come to your mailbox twice a month, sealed with love!

What about  Plan number 3  and  Plan number 4  ?

It will be about membership plans and my new shop. There is a significant changes on the membership plans that I have currently in mind. But, it’s not 100% ready so I still can’t spill the beans, yet. I’m still looking into some possibilities and soon I will announce the decision. I can give you a hint, though. As mentioned above, all my”old graphics” will be available as linkwares. They have to be used “as is”. But Amretasgraphics Club members (a.k.a. paying members) will get all the new updates and all the patterns and the right to alter the graphics.

Oh, that, probably you know already. But the BIG NEWS that I have in mind? That one is what I’m still cooking. I may be a little bit scared of taking decision

At the moment, I’m stocking the club and the shop. Visit my blog often, or subscribe to The Whimsy Letter from the sidebar on the right – and you will be among the first to know :-)

Now, if you have any idea, do let me know, leave a comment below.

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