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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Me-Time Saturday: Fierce Love

Fierce Love is the first step to an authentically joyful life. 
Molly Mahar, founder of Stratejoy

Saturday! It's ME-TIME!

To honor this special time, self care, self love and kindness to myself (ummmm...) today I enrolled in Stratejoy's The Fierce Love Course! *drumroll to me*

I love these synchronicities. I have participated in Molly's other courses before, The Joy Equation and Create Your Magical Year. I learned a lot from those trainings, and I love what I learned.

Seriously. My life was not at all messy. When I came across The Joy Equation last year, I was simply curious. The description of the course was very interesting. I had always loved the idea of "gutsy girl" or "authentic life" - but then reading to the bottom of the page, I was so thrilled: because Molly offered the "pay what you can afford" price! Wow, that's cool, I thought. That's perfect. I happened to have only a couple tens of dollars left in my PayPal account at that time, and whuzzz the course was mine!

The next 29 days were magical and full of joyful journaling. I knew I had always loved journaling but The Joy Equation made me feel like 'stepping up'. The journal prompts were blissfully empowering and I even started to like calling myself with cute names like 'sugarpop', hey lovely isn't it! Well yes, it was something different. This kind of journaling was probably not a typical one. I swear by the self discipline I gained in the process, and it was a successful practice of letting go of fear: I wrote in English the entire journal, using pink, green, orange and light blue pens. But why not. By then I had already done some things differently, my own way. And now I got a pat in the back. I was allowed to become my joyful and authentic self.

And today I stepped up again, with the next course! The Fierce Love. I really can't wait. I have no more fear of expressing my joy and excitement now, I have the rights for that, right? :-) Molly's words resonate so much with my own plan for honoring and caring myself - as you see, even in this blog I spare a space every Saturday for ME-TIME! Magic! :-)

"Your journey to live life on your own terms demands a lot from you. You’ve got to be courageous. You need to stand up for your own desires in the face of others’ expectations. You must be dedicated to sharing your gifts and finding your voice in the world..." (read the rest and watch Molly shine in a really cool intro here)

And you, my friend, I'm thankful that you keep on reading! I'm happy to be sharing what I learn through my journey on the world wide magic web with you. Our friendship is so far what motivates me to get up when falling, to keep creating and staying online. Let me tell you how special this is! :-)

Now, grab your notebook and favorite pen. If you can have a week just for yourself and all you want will magically appear...what would you do for your me-time? Write down as many things as you can think of. Everything just for yourself and all those yummy stuff that make you feel good and happy about being yourself. List all the delicious details, too. Keep this list handy. You may want to add or change some of what you have listed when you get some new ideas. Or you can add some pictures that illustrate those me-time specials. Visit that list often. Pour your love and happy feelings in there. You'll never know which Angels will bless that love you give to yourself, and bring the miracles to you :-)

To Fierce Love!

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