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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Me-Time Saturday: Kindness and Love

Little deeds of kindness, little deeds of love, help to make earth happy, like the heaven above.
- Julia Carney


Now matter how you are in love and passionate about your work, for your own goodness sake, take a Me-Time, from time to time! If you think that a Me-Time is about doing things you can not do during work days, you're right. But for me, it also means doing something you're really love - just a little, or much longer than you usually do in normal days. That makes me feel good. It feels like giving myself a gift of permission and time and chance. For me, it may means a longer walk in the nature or in the city (I walk to work and home, and it takes 35 - 60 minutes per walk) to just enjoy moving in the morning sunshine or evening sunlight; it may means giving more time for reading books and leafing pretty magazines; it may means more time to collect images for my creative journals; it may means sleeping (giving my body a rest, honey) longer than 'normal'; etc., and just being with myself; me, my best friend, ever.

I always love the idea of taking care yourself daily and routinely, and make it a habit. It's just like creativity. It is formed by habit. But I love more the idea of giving yourself special time where you can do those lovely things as much as you want. No deadline, no worry about time. And you do it just for yourself, for your own wellbeing. I swear by Twyla Tharp's advice in her book "The Creative Habit" - that in preparation of being creative, you need solitude (with self-reliance as a happy by-product), as well as taking a week off from  'clutter and distractions'. My Me-Time is my interpretation of this. And I love it. Honest.

Normally, when I have 'proper' me-time on weekend, I would come back fresh and feel more creative at work the following Monday. What about you?

On the image: picture of me enjoying the sun, the wind and the good time in the swedish countryside {personal collection}; the book Charlotte in Giverny by Joan MacPhail Knight (author) and Melissa Sweet (illustrator); oh so pretty sofa where i would want to enjoy my comfy me-time with books and magazines! {image: from skonahem.com}; my graphics.

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