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Monday, June 18, 2012

Graphicalicious Monday: Graphicalicious Gathering

Today's mission: gathering all the happy kids, fairies, bears, bunnies, birds, butterflies, flowers and puppies at Amretasgraphics. Geographicaliciously, Amretasgraphics consists of a magical land called The Whimsy Woodland and on the border it lies a cute little village, Bluebell-and-Buttercup. Everyone is happy living here. Magically happy. Can't you see it in their faces? :-))

So, they, too, will get a makeover. It's so exciting! There are over a thousand of them. The Whimsy Woodland and the Bluebell-and-Buttercup Village are also being revamped. The plan is, when the makeover is done, you will be able to meet and play with them all via Amretasgraphics Club. (Especially if you're new here, it's a paying membership, though for now I haven't decided yet about the new price, and certainly there will be early bird discount!). For those who already purchased the membership before and are in already...our cute little friends can't wait to see you again soon!

And no worries, if you still can't decide, you can get the pretaste, teasers, or free goodies by subscribing to my new newsletter, The Whimsy Letter.

More about it soon this week. For now, I will present our happy friends from The Whimsy Woodland and Bluebell-and-Buttercup Village. Unfortunately not everyone can be in the picture! Hehehe. But soon you'll meet them, I hope!

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