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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Little Biz Sunday: Starting-Up (again)

Here comes Sunday!

Sunday means 'business' in my little corner of the world. Uhm. Not quite. Probably, the correct words for it would be: "learning about doing a little biz". And Ow, it should be inline with Amretasgraphics motto, too: "Homemade with Love and a Happy Heart"

As mentioned in my yesterday post - I'm re-starting-up, revamping the site and the blog and the shop, doing a gradual make over. And creating a new system.

You see I have created thousands of graphics since first online in year 2000. It's quite an exciting adventure full of ups and downs and trials and errors. But I only started experimenting to sell online a few years ago, when finally an online provider, and eventually PayPal, accepted members from Indonesia. (ouh, I was presented with challenges from the beginning, ya'know :-))

Apparently - or rather obviously - things happened. This little biz is from the very beginning a hobby-based, operated part-time in the evening after work, on weekends and on my vacation times. I was amazed at myself however, that I could manage to create all those graphics and learned to build my sites in my spare times! =D Is it called "passion"? If it's so, then I also learned that being passionate doesn't always guarantee a smooth journey. But it helps. At least, when your computer doesn't behave, your server crashes, those people who do not credit your work, your application is rejected because you live in a country called Indonesia, when you have tough days at work, etc, ...you still have that much needed motivation and excitement, because your artwork is much more important than anything else, that creating a piece of art is what keeps you alive and happy. (oh, thank you Jack Canfield, thank you Marci Shimoff. Your books helped!!).

That's how I think I came up with the second line description of my artwork: "Homemade with Love and a Happy Heart". The first line being "Original Mousedrawn Country Graphics with a Twist" explains all: my graphics are original, drawn with mouse, and they are country-style graphics but there's a bit of personal twist in them, as I developed my own style during the years.

Now, enough background. How should I do the renovation? How do I (re)start? Inspiration, everyone?

I am a fan of Startup Quote -  Daily Wisdom about Startups and I saw this one and particularly love it because this quote sings with my mission! An exact piece of brilliant advice I was looking for:

Since these words came from an already very successful businessman, I do believe this is already proven! I feel so excited to start working again on improving my existing stuff (that includes adding the new delicious updates! :-))

And I went on more web hopping. I put here some more favorite finds while preparing and searching for 'kick-ass, easy to digest + pleasing to the eye' advices for this little (creative) biz re-starting-up (in no particular order):

It's been a busy Sunday, huh? Oh yes, and so exciting!

And hey, don't forget, it's only a start... :-)

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