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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Me-Time Saturday: Virtual Homecoming

I'm back to the blogging world! Two months hiatus, but Amretasgraphics main site had been on vacation longer than that. And now, finally, a few weeks off from work. Oh, the work I love so much. And so, my current mission is to find an efficient system where in the future I will be able to continue creating artwork, maintaining Amretasgraphics main site and blogging, regardless of what happens at work: normal days or project-filled days.

And enjoyable me-times for focusing on my wellbeing - at least every Saturday. That's compulsory!

So, last night finally I managed to upload Amretasgraphics new main site. I was so happy that after about a week working on it, the main 'frame' was ready and I will be rearranging the contents and links starting today. There were some problems with opening the site etc. after the file transfers, but I contacted my new hosting JustHost.com and they were quick to answer with solution. I'm so happy. Amretasgraphics is now up again!

It feels like a virtual homecoming - it's like coming home to your very own space on the www. It's happiness :-)

And this is my favorite watch for today's Me-Time Saturday:

Have a wonderful weekend!

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