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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blogging Tuesday: PS:LOVE - illustrating the blog

Yup, it all started with a tutorial on Oscraps, see here:

You will need to go there and follow the easy-to-follow step-by-step instruction to create a watercolor-y Part Photo, Part Sketch images like the pic I created above.

At first, I just followed the instructions. And then, I played with my own curiosity, tried this tried that. Tried different kind of brushes, tried different percentages of opacity. And adjusted what I learned from the tutorial to my own graphic fun (Oscraps is a great place for digital scrapbooking). As you know, I play in low-res for blogging / web use.

For this blog, the 'paper' I use is 640x480 px, using the beige tile from this blog. The picture is my host family's little cottage in Sweden.

And here's the result:

I love it so much! I want to use these techniques to make illustrations for my blog, instead of just plain photo. In any case, it's a graphicalicious blog :-)))

also played with more filters: this one was further 'filtered' with Filter > Brush Strokes > Ink Outlines. And then added a fairy and a kind bear :-)

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