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Monday, August 13, 2012

My Bounce Back Blog: Part 1. The Start

So it was a happy crappy day, as I called it. One of those crappy moments where I felt so low and out of nowhere that funny little voice behind my ears (really, I felt like that voice came from behind my ears!) repeatedly told me to roam the bookstore.

"I know, I know" I tried to respond, "Just tell me which book"

The next thing I remember, I found Karen Salmansohn's THE BOUNCE BACK BOOK. I saw the red cover first, a bit open revealing the blue second and third pages. For those who do not yet know me, I have this certain weakness for books with witty titles and graphically coordinated colors. So you see, I fell for this book at the first sight. I picked it up, leafed through it, and I was hooked.

"You're right" I told the funny little voice behind my ears. "I found something in the bookstore"

And it was a happy ending to a crappy day. I spent the following few days reading and doing the assignments from the book.

The result? I bounced back. Fast. I swear by all the tips and exercises in this book. Karen rocks! I'm still prone to crappy moments sometimes, and this book often functions like a cure, a potent one when you just grab your notebook and pen and do the exercises (not all the assignments need to be in written form, but writing them down seems to work wonder for me).

Looking back, that was the story behind the story how The Bounce Back Book got to become one of my absolutely favorite books. Ever. The fateful bookstore scene took place about a year ago and since then, the book has been my secret formula whenever I needed to bounce back. It doesn't have to be a crappy day, you know, I can simply pick up this book because I want to keep my motivation high. Or a spirit boost.

Just like about four months ago when I got enough of all the seemingly never ending problems with my website and blog (yip, this blog). I was also crazy busy at work. I thank my lucky star I live in a city like Jakarta, where shops and restaurants open at least until 22.00, every day. So there I was very late in the evening after work, in a building called FX, where most restaurants open until midnight, ordering chicken rice, vanilla muffin and a big pot of lemon tea. The restaurant was busy despite late hours. But I loved it, sitting there in a corner table, enjoying the lively surrounding. I had THE BOUNCE BACK BOOK in my bag. And once again I leafed through the tips and assignments. Half a pot of lemon tea later, suddenly, that kind of 'aha' moment struck. Suddenly, I found myself thinking: "what if I applied these tips to revive my blog?". Suddenly, a project was born.

To be very honest, I had no idea how to apply this to my blog. I kept brainstorming - with myself. I have to admit I had certain fear if this wouldn't work just like some other previous projects. Long story short, finally, I got the hang of it. Yes! I got it! I'm not going to tell you the details in this post (aha! that's too graphicalicious! :-)) But I had the big pictures, plus some structured ideas. This time, the ideas and the plan were neatly written down, and that makes me happy. I'm telling you, being happy really helps. Plus being fearless, that also helps.With such happy intention in mind I contacted the great inspirator herself, Karen Salmansohn, whose response (read: permission from her to use her book as the inspiration and the base of this series) made me bounce back even higher! Great! Yes! Finally the website hosting was settled, I found the perfect fonts, rebranding in the process, and this blog could be restarted and continued. It feels so good when you overcome your fear.

And now I'm going to let you know what you can expect from this series:

THE BOUNCE BACK BOOK has 75 fabulous tips on "how to thrive in the face of adversity, setbacks, and losses." I wanted to infuse this series with fun and surprises (at least for myself) so I will pick random tips a few times a week (alternating with other series or projects) and  then I will post some snippets from the exercises. Sort of 'documenting' the assignments, of course, the graphicalicious way :-) My aim is that within about three months from now me and my blog will bounce back, I'll have a happier blog and I'll be a happier me. That simple.

And if this intro inspires you already, go pick up the book. Quick! If you want to try out first, you can get free samples from the book by going to Karen's website and sign-up for her free newsletter.

Anyway...hey, I really want to start bouncing back now!

As I said I'd pick random tips and I'll start for Part 1 of this project with tip #66. Because it's a poem by Rumi. Reading his words always makes me melt. As so this one. And so I start with that.

Welcome to My Bounce Back Blog, a graphicalicious 'me-time' project inspired by + based on Karen Salmansohn's THE BOUNCE BACK BOOK

Part 1. I start with this reminder by Rumi

KAREN SALMANSOHN was a Senior VP creative director at a New York ad agency who left her job to pursue her passion – writing. She is now a best-selling author (with over 1 million books sold) and the host of a Sirius radio show, “Be Happy, Dammit,” inspired by the best-selling book of the same title. Other books include Even God is Single (So Stop Giving Me a Hard Time) and Quickie Stickies. For more, visit http://www.notsalmon.com

Part 2: Forward

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