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Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Graphicalicious Diary

Hello everyone!

Now my graphics' home - Amretasgraphics.com - is ready, and the site revamping is in progress. I have requested you to "stay tune" :-) Because the site will re-open very soon. But hey, this blog will continue to be the very place for me to post personal snippets from my graphicalicious adventures. Ah really, yes, you see that on this blog's header: "Little snippets from an artsy, wonder-and-color-full, happy graphicalicious life"

That's how I see my life: artsy, full of wonder and colors, happy, and simply graphicalicious. Sometimes whimsical. Every day is a miracle. And the most important thing is, in my graphicalicious world, dreaming is allowed. Even encouraged. And every graphic, every color, has a story.

The posts will be (as I am imagining them...) part musings on graphics + colors, part memories from my childhood, part inspiration or lessons learned, part observation on my own creative process, part recollections on arts, trips, friends, food, traditions...

Ah, just like the picture above, one of those 'triggers' that make me want to write. Picture of 5 year old me. The painting behind me was my father's. And on the dress, my mother's. Born into a family of artists and scholars in a strong Javanese tradition, spent a year as an exchange student in France, and now working for so many years with the Swedes - that would probably explain how I got into my own 'graphicalicious style', as I call it.

But it's a long journey full of adventures and misadventures, it took quite a few 'aha moments', until I considered myself an artist. Including a few days ago when I came across the 'incorrigible optimist' (oh how i love that!) Leonie Dawson's blog in this post about why she gets to be so damn happy, where she stated: "art...it’s about creating whatever is inside you in the ways you were born to do."

Now that I got it, I have the reason to get to be so damn happy too! Probably these stories have been bubbling inside me for quite sometime now. And yes especially now, as I 'witness' my mother, who about a year ago was bedridden caused by an incident that injured her tailbone, is now healed and also bubbling with excitement as she's about to embark on a trip to Germany. It's huge, it's her first international travel ever, at age 62 (I thank my baby nephews). I see the artist in her light up again. She got social on facebook in no time (I know she's my biggest fan, since she's almost always the first one to 'like' my facebook posts =D). And she was excited to learn that I'm running a shop online. She's excited to discover all those possibilities that were once impossible during her younger years. She already plans to go back to designing fabrics as she used to do, after returning from Germany, and now I have a mission to encourage her and to show that this is possible.

I'm very excited myself. Feels like traveling back to some 20 years ago when I was about to embark on my own first travel abroad, to France, where I would stay for a year as an exchange student. I remember my mother frantically trying to make sure that I had with me all I needed for the trip and the one year stay. Now that we exchange places, I got goosebumpy =)

Normally, I would dance. But ok, I'm going to dance first, and then the graphicalicious tales will begin with the next post in this series...

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