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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Graphicalicious Diary 2012 - 002: Delicious Memories and New Patterns

Last night I was craving italian food. Blame it on Anna Boiardi's book "Delicious Memories". I savored the book the whole day, and ended up running to Pizza Marzano at Grand Indonesia, inevitably hungry for tomato mozarella and pizza margherita. Thank God it was Saturday, the restaurant was open until late. Lots of people. Did they all have 'delicious memories', like me?

I read cook books, too, you know. But 'only' cook books with stories. Perhaps I love more the stories than the recipes. Well, this is my opinion. Without stories, recipe is 'just recipe'. And when you add a story to a recipe, it could become somehow an extraordinary dish that one would remember. Ah yes, the feeling evoked by the taste, smell, texture...and the story itself. The food or the recipe, it's just a trigger.

To me, my memories roam back to a trip to Italy 20 years ago. It was a school trip, and I couldn't be more excited. I was 17, an exchange student for the first time in a small town called Luneville in the eastern France, and I was about to discover a magical place called Tuscany which once I heard only from stories read by my father, the artist (later I would understand why Tuscany is 'the' place for many artists).

Long story short, I joined my host sister's class and went on a week bus trip to Tuscany, and I fell in love with Sienna. Because some amazing thing happened to me there. It was the afternoon light. I just remember walking along the old streets and into Piazza in the medieval city centre, and just sitting there for...I don't  know how long. There was some kind of spectacle of lights that seemed to stop 'my' time. Very difficult for me to describe it now (even then), saturations of lights mixed with the colors of the city scape... it was like magic to my eyes. I must have stayed there, in one side of the Piazza, in a state of wonder and awe for quite sometime. All I remember next is that it ended with a cry by my host sister Isabelle who finally found me, because time's up and we had to go back to the hotel for dinner.

The dinners were always simple during the trip. We had to queue to get a quite generous portion of spaghetti from one lady and the tomato sauce from another lady. For lunch, we had sandwiches. And the 'luxurious' thing was having gelato while we were out in the city squares. My first pizza was thin and rich with tomato sauce and mozzarella on top. Later I knew it was called Pizza Margherita. That was my simple but very memorable introduction to Italian food. That's also why perhaps to date, when I try out a new Italian restaurant in town, I'd always ask for their simplest pizza margherita and spaghetti with 'just tomato sauce'. It's kind of a 'delicious habit' :-)

And last night I had...yes, pizza margherita and tomato salad with mozarella. Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest!

Well fed and happy, this morning I'm in the mood for creating some bold patterns with brick red background. Ah, Sienna. The effect of happiness on creativity! I'll let you enjoy some new tile patterns here. Right click and save if you want to use them. Feel free! A link back to www.amretasgraphics.com is appreciated. Have a nice Sunday everyone!

Blogger backgrounds, 940px wide
(click on the image to open then save)

Tips: I use Blogger, so I use Blogger Template Designer function to change the background. After uploading the background image, make sure you adjust the alignment to top center, and the position to 'tile', as illustrated by the screenshot below.

Facebook Covers, 851 x 314px
(click on the image to open then save)

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