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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Graphicalicious Diary 2012 - 003: Feeling Folksie

I was feeling 'folksie' earlier last night and had fun doing some trial-and-error creating some folk-style new graphic kits. Wanna see them? I would like to show a bit of the process. It's where the fun was, you know...

This is where I started, the graphic kit with the patterns

I put the patterns together, to create a folksie bird and a flower

Then I duplicated the flowers twice, and arranged them like shown above.

Changed the background with one of my 'woodsie' tile patterns.

I cropped the image, copied and pasted it into another 'woodsie' background image (a darker brown one), and added an Amretasgraphics.com signature.
Added more patterns into the image....see above, I played with clouds, raindrops and leaves patterns.

Final touches...I duplicated the clouds patterns and filled it with blue-gingham tile. And drew with brushes on the leaves patterns.

Hope you enjoy it :-)

This kind of graphic kits sampler will be available for free members - and  the more complete ones for Amretasgraphics Club members. Stay tune or subscribe to the Whimsy Letter for the re-launching of the shop.

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