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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Graphicalicious Diary 2012 - 004: the BIG leap - and a tale of courage

Drumrolls, please...this week I made a BIG leap! Yes! I enrolled to Kelly Rae Robert's Flying Lessons: the E-Course and we - I and my classmates from all over the globe - are starting today. I'm so excited.

Sure it's a big leap for me. I've been online with my graphics for 12 years now (ough...), purely self-taught with the help from great friends online and offline, been through many series of ups and downs, a never ending trial-and-error, in the evening after work and on weekends. I accept first of all the fact that this is only a side activity, and I can't compare myself with those who are 100% into creative business. Though I'm jealous, oh yes (blush). But I also have a full time job I'm so passionate about. I have never been ready, and perhaps never will be, to let go one of them. I love them both.

Thankfully, many of my friends do the same thing, they are in similar situation. In this online artsy and crafty world, too, I've been blessed with getting to know many super talented people who keep both their job and hobbies and the manage. Some of them even bloom. Wonderfully. How do they do it?

I also came to realise that it is possible. So what's the secret?

As the Buddhist proverb says "when the student is ready, the teacher appears". A few weeks ago I decided that I was ready to learn from "those who know", those who have been there done that. At the same time, ready to join a community of a like minded people. Yes I am a self-taught artist, as I always said, I have read many books and e-books and countless of articles about doing business, but I thought now that I wanted to have a "mentor". As well as to be surrounded by other 'seekers' who have the same questions as mine, seeking the answers to those questions... I realised this is something you can not do alone.

And then, I came across Kelly Rae Roberts' site and found the Flying Lessons. Yea, horray, I'm ready to fly!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Maman Monique, my french hostmother, shouted from uphill. It was end of 1990, my host family took me to their second home, a rustic farm house dans les Vosges, up on the hills in Eastern France. It had been snowing heavily for the past few weeks, so the family had an idea to give me my first ever ski lessons.

Ski de fond, of course, or cross country skiing. Wow, me, an Indonesian, had never seen this kind of skiing before, even on TV. I thought it would be 'easy' - that I would feel more comfortable with it than the scary ski de piste or downhill ski. Yes I was overly excited at the beginning of the track, I had fun learning to use the ski and to move in my bulky winter outfit. But then, after more than half an hour going uphill...I was exhausted. Maman Monique, Papa Claude, my host sister Isabelle, my host brothers Didier and Jean Christophe, my classmate Marina and her mother Eveline...everyone tried to cheer and encourage me along the way. But I still couldn't keep up so they went up first and continued cheering me from the farm house uphill.

Finally finally, I made it. Phew! It was waaaay harder than I though at the start! I already wanted to give up halfway to the farm house. My legs and feet sored and the minus 17 degree temperature just tortured me.

Did I realise it was also a life lesson? It's not always easy, the way to the top. But it will worth all the efforts.

I just remember, even if I was almost de-motivated on my way up, I loved the sight. All white with snow. So beautiful. And I always loved being in the Vosges mountains since the first time my host family took me there shortly after my arrival in their home earlier in the summer. And I loved the cheers from everyone who had made it before me to the farm house, that Papa Claude had prepared a big mug of chocolat chaud for me. Emmmm the delicious reward....a big mug of hot chocolate was already waiting for me in the house. I just had to get there now!

Needless to say, it was the most delicious hot chocolate I've ever tasted. Ever!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Speaking about Courage, one day I came across Colette Baron Reid's blog post "Intuition 101: Take an Intuitive Leap of Faith!" where she talked about faith, intuition, and courage, and towards the end of the post she cited a beautiful expression of courage, a story adapted from a poem by British poet Christopher Logue in honor of French poet and novelist Guillaume Apollinaire, "Come to the Edge".

In this adaptation, the Great Spirit called a soul to come to the edge. But the soul said "I can't". The soul was afraid. Afraid to fall off. But finally the soul came to the edge and Great Spirit pushed, and the soul flew.

The story was turned into a ten minutes 'Courage Meditation' - that I love so much, a mix of Colette's beautiful voice and drums beating rhythmically in the background, plus the sound of bonfire that makes it feel 'sacred'. I love it, I listen to it a lot whenever I need a 'push' from the Spirit.

Anyway,  in my own words, I remember noted: "When Spirit calls, have faith and courage to come to the edge. Spirit will push you, but no worry... you'll get wings..."

(and now you see, even Kelly Rae's e-course I'm taking is titled "Flying Lessons" :-))

Now here's a quote by Colette Baron Reid:

“Faith in the guidance of Spirit gives you the courage to take risks, because you're assured that whatever happens, a Higher Power is on your side and you will survive.”

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