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Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Bounce Back Blog: Part 2. Forward

Today the book says that I have to repeat this single word: FORWARD.

Boy, it's not easy. Quite often one or two words are powerful enough to trigger some yucky memories from the past. And then we don't speak to each other. Then we get even more angry and disappointed. And things seem to get even worse. Ough, ever experience this 'hot button'? Thankfully, the book gives as the first tip an equally powerful word to counterattack that dwelling-in-the-past temptation: FORWARD. That's my magic word.

I still think that paying attention to the past is in some level necessary - to learn, in order to avoid the same mistake, and to do better in the future. But, dwelling in the past, especially the yucky parts? No-no. I told you, it's not easy. I had been stumbling in there. So many times. I need a constant reminder that it's a no-no. And that the present is so much interesting, so much...wow-things.

I will also just say that my newer graphics, the result of my never ending trial and error and tweaking and play with the newer version of graphic softwares, are much 'lovelier' than the 'old' ones. I feel more...sophisticated. State of the Art. More joyful of course! Ha ha! That's quite a visual reminder, isn't it! Even better, these little visual reminders are my own artwork.

So, you're going forward? Count me in! :-)

Part 1: the Start. And the story behind this project

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My Bounce Back Blog
is a graphicalicious 'me-time' project inspired by + based on Karen Salmansohn's THE BOUNCE BACK BOOK www.notsalmon.com

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