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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Free Photo Wallpaper #2: from the Whimsy Woodland

Two weeks have passed. The big project at work is over. I took a rest. Now it's time to continue blogging!

I'm not ready with the graphics, my friend, so you see above, it's another photo wallpaper from the 'real' whimsy woodland :-)

It was a nice morning in Sweden, chez my hostfamily who lives in a little village called Mullhyttan. The house is located in the nature. It's an abundance of trees, flowers, mushrooms, apples, herbs and fresh air at your doorstep. Several times I caught sight of deers, wild rabbits, birds, foxes, snails...and of course Svea and Fritts, the family's adorable cats. Within walking distance it's a peaceful river, and a little bit further, the forest. The whimsical forest from my camera's point of view (and my imagination).

Well, you've seen the whimsical mushroom in the previous post. Now I'm posting another favorite snapshot of mine from that morning walk in the forest: the bluebells. The Bluebell Trio, as I call it. They look so much like the fairy's hat or skirt or coat :-)

Click on the screen resolution of your choice to download.

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