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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Free Photo Wallpaper #4: from the Whimsy Woodland

Today I have a graphicalicious recommendation. I was just excited to find out about this professional printing service. You can place your order online using the templates they provide, and this makes it oh- so easy to create customized greeting cards,  postcards, prints or calendar. You can get your orders immediately since they offer 48 hour print services.

Of course, I have a reason behind the "why" I wanted to recommend this at the first place.

I have a story. Uhm, a plan.

This post is the last sampler from the upcoming "Whimsy Woodland and Cinema Flora" photo wallpaper collections. The complete collections from this series will be on sale in January. There are over 100 photo-turned-into-desktop-wallpapers, and if you purchase the collections, you will also get special access to the original, high-resolution photos in their original sizes.

And this is the yummy thing: you will also get the rights to use the photos for personal creative projects such as blog illustration, scrapbooking, web cards, or printing them to create greeting cards or posters.

If you're a regular to this blog, you'd probably noticed  that I love creating prints. After a series of trial-and-error, I found that home printing is always nice and hearty, but there are times when you'd like to be more practical, want neat prints, at the same time you just don't want to be bothered with extra work like cutting and adjusting the printout. And you want it quick. That's when I would highly recommend you to go to a professional printing service and let them take over the work!

Don't forget to choose a nice paper ;-)

So I hope you enjoy the free photo wallpaper series. Feel free if you want to use them for your creative projects.

Click on the screen resolution of your choice to download.

1920x1200   |   1680x1050   |   1280x800   |   1280x1024

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