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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Little Biz Sunday: a little space on the island of paradise. Help me with ideas for a special plan in mid April :-)

If you followed this blog, you knew I took a week off from work on new year and went to Bali  to search for my father's footsteps, to dig some memories from his youth as an artist on this island. (this post, if you missed it)

More than all those amazing stories from the 1950s and 60s, I found something further: a realization that working on my creative online business from lovely locations while having vacation is totally POSSIBLE. And it's GOOD for my wellbeing!

You see the picture above? I was working on jotting down the stories in a simple villa in Ubud, overlooking an abundance of rice fields, coconut trees and accompanied by a platoon of ducks and birds and frogs. I witnessed my creativity juice flow effortlessly and I had the best Balinese coffee and rice dishes fueling up the good times. All I needed was my precious equipment, of course. My trusted laptop and mobile internet (and since it's an old laptop, my detachable external hard disk) - and not to forget: my genius mouse (yes, I'm a mouse-girl, hence the sub-headline of Amretasgraphics: "original mousedrawn country graphics with a twist").

Do I want this again? YES! No argument.

How I loved it working in the middle of rice fields, in the nature. How I love it that it is now possible.

I have to thank the spirits who called me to Bali to walk in my father's footsteps :-) Not only that now I understand more about my father as an artist, I also understand myself. I found what has made me so me. I am very proud of my Dad. And I'm thankful that I inherited his spirits, that I live in this time where this calling is POSSIBLE.

And now let me plan a little coming-back plan. To this little space-o-mine on the island of the gods, as people say. Possibly on my birthday in the mid of April. Hey, I deserve it! :-) Should we prepare a virtual party on that weekend, my friends? *wink* Yes I want it. I'm getting ready. I want to continue my search of my dad's stories. Amretasgraphics' rebirth. The blog reorganized. People say "life begins at 40". I might be nervous, but for my upcoming 40th birthday I want to reinvent myself, my life, my hobbies-turned-into-business...and coming back to Bali for that sounds perfect to me for now. A time for myself, reconnecting with the spirits and with my Dad's genius (this 'genius' as spoken by author Elizabeth Gilbert - and it happened that this little space in Ubud is located in the same village as where she was in Eat Pray Love).

From now, that's what I have in mind. What's still boiling in my head is, what I will prepare for my website and how this will work. Currently I'm rearranging the shop, member page, this blog, and immersing myself in books and the manuals from various online courses I enrolled in (Kelly Rae Roberts, Stratejoy, Blacksburg Belle, Right Brain Business PlanA Beautiful Mess, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, etc.).

I want to do some things special. What would they be? Any advice or idea in the comment section below would be appreciated :-)

Or help me tweet, something like:
@Amretasgraphics wants to create something special for Amreta's birthday in mid April. Help her with advice & ideas! http://bit.ly/11yn3VP

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I made the scrapbook-style image above with Adobe Photoshop. If you like it you can download the file here in zip file and have fun with it :-) Enjoy!

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