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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mollyism - is probably the word!

Seriously, I LOVE Molly of Stratejoy and her savvy-sassy-inspiring work. Just brilliant. I came to the point where I think I must have been converted to Mollyism!

What more can I say if her work really and literally changed the way I look at my life and how I treat myself. Because all this started with her e-course THE JOY EQUATION.

And WOW, I still keep the journal from the 30 days I religiously took the course. It was one of the first online courses I purchased, I was super excited and I 'forced' myself to write, which somehow became an addiction.

Here's what I wrote on the first day of journaling - in response to the first journal prompt, no secret ;-) This journaling process has helped transform my life to the GRAPHICALICIOUS!


All right, this is my Joy Equation journal. I welcome myself to these 30 days of exciting and empowering self exploration to authentic joy! Yuhuu!

I am a gutsy girl. In fact, who am I to take this challenge to write a journal - in English. It's already a gutsy decision, isn't it?

(of course I will certainly say "YES")

This will be the definition of success on my own term. Accomplishing 30 days of "organized" journaling (and again - in English - which is not my own language) to a more authentic, better, joyful me, unleashing my hidden love of writing in color to my heart's delights, adding sparkles to my already joy-filled life.

Confession - I am a startup junkie who sometimes doesn't have the idea on how to accomplish things. So, with this course I challenge myself and I want to see myself fully committed to something (something fun and worthwhile), "install" the habits to my daily life, incorporate it to my "branding", and gracefully accomplish it when it's time, according to the schedule set. Oh, I'd LOVE to be that girl!

When I stumbled upon the Joy Equation course page - I instantly felt that this course had everything and offered the joyful guidance to what I was looking forward to doing. I was hesitant as I looked at what I had in my PayPal account so I felt another jolt of joy when I found that Molly had set a "Pay what you can afford" price for this course! Is it a coincidence? It was a sign that I had to invest in this course and started my exploration right away. Here I am. THANKS MOLLY!


Don't kid me. How can't you be addicted to such amazing feelings??

After finishing this course, I went on with Stratejoy's other delicious programs: CREATE YOUR MAGICAL YEAR, THE FIERCE LOVE COURSE, and JOY JUICE - a year of journaling prompts. Real addiction, huh? And HELLO! I'm a graphicaliciously happy girl today, YES. Not always euphoria-kind-of happy but I'm happy because I know that I'm equipped with such wonderful tools for the rain and shine and I know for sure that I'm worthy and deserve it *SMILE* EXACTLY just like what Molly said on her course page:

AWESOME. Clearly my Dala horse's got an affair with happiness. Bliss.

Duh, I want another ticket to Bali soon.

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