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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thank you! And a folksy poster for you!

Thank you for all the kind words that I received after publishing my first try creating an artwork with Illustrator + Photoshop mix yesterday :-) See I feel encouraged now and I’ve spent this morning experimenting with creating another one!

It’s raining very heavily outside, and I’m enjoying a big mug of javanese tea. I had my mother on the phone, still talking about the ash from Mount Kelud’s eruption which covered our house and the whole town of Yogyakarta, 800km away from where I am now in the capital city of Jakarta. A lot of work during this past week, obviously vulcanic ash is not something easy to clean. A week has passed but she still has to wear mask and hat even at home!

But anyway, I’d like to share my 2nd ‘experimental’ artwork (well that’s funny because all my graphics were experimental :o)). This one was the Illustrator+Photoshop mix version of one of my ‘folksy’ sketches, and I turned it into a A4 size poster. You can download it as PDF file by clicking on this link:


 And by the way, this picture below is how I imagine the poster to look like when framed :o)

Enjoy! :o)

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