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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Let love flow

Week 1 after my decision to sweetly bounce back.

I made a lot of drawings and sketches, I enjoyed very much the new routine of taking a half an hour break at lunch time to move my hand with a pen over a blank paper, and the joy of filling out the blank paper with fun sketches. By the last drawing, I felt refreshed, and definitely happier. Trust me, this works!

Week 2

I was challenged with yet another very busy schedule: a whole day fair during the weekend plus a 3-day business trip together with a group of high-energy people. My drawing routine, amazingly, kept me in a good mood, despite talking and answering questions for no less than 5 hour straight per day.

When I told a dancer friend about my amazement, she simply replied: "it's because your energy flows in a good way. That's what my dance teacher always told me".

I remember somewhere in a book about energy healing, it is said that stuck energy can cause sickness in the body. Creative energy is a life force that has to flow by creating, and an artist would do and make art everyday, every moment, so that no energy is stuck in her body. It is so liberating.

Thus I believe, making art is a healing act of love. (you wouldn't do / make art if you didn't love it, yes?)

And so, let love flow. Through your hands, your thoughts, your whole body. That's my creative mantra.

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