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Saturday, January 17, 2015

15 Days to Freedom New Year Blog Challenge: Day 2. What's that one most important action to do today?

Day 2: I've been asked to identify ONE Most Important Action to take daily for the next two weeks to leverage my business.

Yeay! I know! I know what it is! :)

I've spent a few weeks now planning, preparing, renewing and relaunching my artful website. These past two weeks, the daily Most Important Action was working on the platform a.k.a. the website pages, new look, navigation, etc. So, everyday I spent a few hours (sometimes the whole day on weekend like this!) renovating the old pages of my website, one by one I gave the pages new look, new colors, new graphics, new feels.


And now for the next week, my daily Most Important Action will be adding contents, both the old and the new. Which means I will have to re-upload over a thousand of graphics I have created since the year 2000. Wow, huh? :D

So far I managed to re-arrange and update around 5-7 pages per day, depending on what's going on during the day, but I'm happy to say that I made it to set aside several  hours to work according to plan. It's not yet finished, but each time, with each updated page, I felt somehow great that I was moving forward.

Hitting "upload" on the ftp and then seeing "transfer success" on the status feels like a small victory - towards a big one soon :D I really LOVE that feeling!

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