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Sunday, January 18, 2015

15 Days to Freedom New Year Blog Challenge: Day 3. Those (artful) productivity tools to keep me on track!

Day 3: Productivity tools to keep me on track

What? Should I be brave and just admit that - when it comes to my artsy-whimsy life - I'm more of an artsy paper-and-pen girl?

Hmm. Why not. It's  me. It's truly who I am.

My art journal + doodled calendar + colorful pens are my most loved productivity tools.

I just love recording things on paper, cutting images and glue them on my journals. And playing with those colorful markers.

I love bringing them everywhere in my bag, and the fact that I don't need electricity to operate them. Except when it's dark and I need a lamp.

But hey, I'm not 100% that old fashioned spunky artist.

I'm a techie officer dealing mostly with science, cultural calendar and the media in my currently professional life. Which means? I'm also good friends with those sophisticated productivity tools online or offline. I love them. Especially google calendar and everything google. I can't live without them. They make my life at work so much much much easier.

That in the evening I can go home happy and ... open my art journal and doodle calendar, jot down my thoughts, my plans, reminders, ideas and found inspiration, and see what happy things I'm going to add to the (artsy) world today. Double happy ;D

Maybe someday I'm going totally techie, but for now, that's what I love and what works super well for me. Being happy and productive at the same time is definitely possible!

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