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Monday, January 19, 2015

15 Days to Freedom New Year Blog Challenge: Day4. That one distraction to remove

Day 4: Removing distractions and reducing your dependence online

I think I'm pretty good at putting myself into "the zone" especially when it comes to drawing, writing, even reading, no matter where I sit. No tv nor music would distract me. Even those kids running and screaming in the crowded neighborhood. Sitting in a cafe with nice atmosphere would put me into the zone more quickly. I survived (happily) living a few days without my precious smartphone nor computer which means no email, no blogging, no social media (only normally it's during a vacation! not possible on normal days when your full time job involves the media).

My problem is only one: I live in a studio-room which doubles as bedroom and workroom. And that bed and those fluffy pillows...oh help me. Once my head touches the pillows, I'm gone to the dreamland.

So, when it's time to work, I will remove...the pillows.

Thankfully, a lot of cafes with good wi-fi nowadays. And when it's not possible but I really have to work, I just try to go outside and I'll be in my best focus-mode.

Oh yeah, a good coffee will make it perfect!

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