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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

15 Days to Freedom New Year Blog Challenge: Day5. Bye bye clutter and I'm on my way to freedom!

Day 5: To let go of the old and to install the new

Oh, hello, I need to be brave (again) to answer today's challenge.

Everyone knows that letting go of old habits, people, things and pretty much everything else that do not serve you anymore, can be really hard, and sometimes heartbreaking. But in my own experience, forcing myself to step out of my comfort zone always ended up being so rewarding and worth the hard work (and the heartbreak. You'll will laugh about it when you look back).

So today here's the one thing I'm going to let go (uhm): clutter. Mentally and physically.

I will be brave, I will clean up, and I will stop focusing on / giving away my power and energy to information/talks/food/things/people that do not serve me  + do not make me feel good + bring me down.

And I will instead: focus on everything that make me feel uplifted, appreciated, celebrated. And that includes taking care of my body and soul and mind. Make more art. Being in the nature.

It possibly means that I should walk away from things and people who are not aligned with my energy, even if I care about them... maybe it's the difficult thing. Maybe I should learn how to deal with this first. To learn how to shift my focus and destroy the bad thoughts and replace them with more uplifting from-the-bright-side thoughts. To surround myself with only things which bring me joy and people who propel me forward and higher.

Okay, little by little, girl! Take a deep breath and:

  1. Identify the old habits and clutter that I need to eliminate let go.
  2. Let them go. Difficult? Remember the down-feeling they brought you so far. And remember that by getting rid of those energy eater, you're creating a bigger container for better things to come. 
  3. And now you're ready with better everything in your life! Welcome everything that bring you joy and install the good habits.
The real life examples:
  1. Will discard and declutter old things and clothes which do not bring me joy anymore. Will keep / replace them with things that uplift me.
  2. Detox the clutter in my body and install a healthy eating habit
  3. Clean-up the bad chatter in my head and start focusing instead on what great things I can do.
  4. Oh, I will not clutter my day with procrastination and just do!

Aaah, FREEDOM, I'm on my way!!

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