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Thursday, January 22, 2015

15 Days to Freedom New Year Blog Challenge: Day 7 - what one thing will I focus on in 2015?

Day 7: What one thing will I focus on in 2015?

Today's challenge taught me that 'focus' is the very key to massive success. Yup!! I've learned it the hard way, too! I've normally got a lot of ideas and easily inspired by this and that, from magazines, from browsing the internet, from what I saw on the street while walking... and I tend to want to try those ideas out so, well, nothing major really happened, I got no time for everything and I got frustrated instead.

Now, it's THE time to narrow my focus. And when I relaunched my website and blog, I had decided that this year I would focus on rebuilding my website and blog and stuffing my online gallery / library with my old and new artwork, to get the platform + the products ready before launching new projects, to reconnect with my peeps and to study more before going further with marketing plans.

It seems big for me already, a one year project. But I'm kind of sure that it would work. I'm the kind of person who would jump before I'm ready, but this time I've learned more so I will jump with one focus!

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