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Friday, January 23, 2015

15 Days to Freedom New Year Blog Challenge: Day 8 - 3 big goals I want to achieve this year

Day 8: the 3 major goals I want to achieve this year (and put in my calendar)

Oh wow, this is what I really need! I'm rebuilding my website (and blog, and shop, and community) while having a full time job, so putting my goals the good way in my calendar is very important. Thanks Natalie for giving the tactics in today's challenge video!

And well, these are the goals I want to achieve (and how my calendar looks like)

  • To create an efficient and fantastic system for me to have this website up and running smoothly (with quality contents) after working hours and on weekends (and on holidays). For this, I have now blocked in my calendars days I can have vacations + cool weekends, where I can focus on my artwork and website. First of all, I plan to have a week off in April + a few weeks during summer. Thus I set a goal to have the system ready by the first vacation week (in April), at least the basics of it, so I will be able to focus more on building the contents + other things during the vacations :D
  • To take one big course / business program online to get me more prepared by summer (I'm eyeing Natalie's upcoming the Freedom Plan!)
  • To have my shop up and running + big relaunching of Amretasgraphics during my summer vacation!
The reason I put 'creating a fantastic system' as my number one goal is because I want to have my shop up this summer, and want it to run well even if I will have to work a lot at my full time job until end of year. That's why learning from the pros is also crucial, and certainly taking an online business program is a goal to achieve before having the shop up.

Oh yes, I'm ready! ;)

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