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Saturday, January 24, 2015

15 Days to Freedom New Year Blog Challenge: Day 9 - that one system to streamline my life

Day 9: that one system I'm going to introduce to streamline my life

Whohoo we're talking about system!

This is kind of my priority so I'd take it really seriously :D

First, the platform (the website and blog) are up and I've made inventory of my artwork I'd like to showcase and I have identified where I will upload them on my website. I have over a thousand of graphics to upload, which means I chopped chopped chopped the big chunk and will work on the small bits everyday, one to two hours in the evening...and you know what?: depending on the internet connection ;)  (ok, I put a smiley there because I want to just make it seem less serious, though it is).

Second option: if the internet doesn't work that evening, I would focus on working on the artwork offline.

When done I would put the update on the "what's new" section on my homepage, put it as a post on my blog, then spread the words via facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest.

After that, I can reply emails from friends and fans. I want to go to sleep each night feeling happy that I have accomplished the nice tasks and things for the day, and write in my journal (it's part of my creative system, too!)

I create freebies weekly and send the newsletter to my subscriber every Monday (so far it works perfectly!). I create one coloring book per month, uploaded on the first week of each month.

Besides creating and showcasing new artwork, I will also 'recycle' the older graphics and post it on the blog once per week.

I use booth google calendar + print calendar (art journal) and spend mostly on weekends to plan the next week ahead.

Oh yeay, I feel more and more excited about all these things I get to do!! :D

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