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Monday, January 26, 2015

15 Days to Freedom New Year Blog Challenge: Day 11 - the one thing I will do each day to get more me-time this year

Day 11: the ONE thing I will do each day to get more me-time this year

Are you kidding?? ;-)

I've been practicing me-time almost my whole life, perhaps too much, but it came all too naturally. Blame it to my artist parents, they taught me that since forever.

My father, an artist himself, took evening walk around the neighborhood in the city every single day. A habit that now I adopt into my everyday routine. But since I live alone and pretty much independently, it's a total me-time outside office hours. Nobody can protest. And after many years in the job, I know how to say "no" to social invitations when I feel like I need a me-time. Interestingly enough, people also understand.

They know they would find me walking in the city with a set of earphones listening to audiobook (hello, that's how I learn to speak English, lovely!) or  nowadays, podcast recordings (Suitcase Entrepreneur's podcasts rock!)

They know they would find me browsing in bookstores or craftstores.

They know they would find me sitting in some favorite cafes of mine, with my computer, or sketchbook plus colorful pens and markers, drawing, writing, reading, or making art journals.

If not, and if it's a weekend, I would possibly be in a Javanese/Balinese spa, in the botanical garden, in the zoo, in the tea plantation, or traveling alone somewhere which has lots and lots of trees.

Ah, the joy of being known as a quirky artist... (after office hours) ;-)

So, my answer to today's challenge?

Each day I will make sure that I  have a quality-me-time. Not just me-time, but a really good me-time. I am my own VIP and I deserve a VIP treatment from myself. Sounds good to me ;-)

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