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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

15 Days to Freedom New Year Blog Challenge: Day 12 - the work and life clutter I am going to remove

Day 12: the work and life clutter I am going to remove

Before new year I did a massive clean up and decluttered my space, discarding tens of jumbo garbage bags of things that didn't give me joy anymore, gave away unused clothes and old bedding sets, and I'm so proud of myself that I had such courage to destroy old journals (while saving the art parts of the journals - they still make me feel happy!)

It started with a book "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Mari Kondo - of which the major teaching is to do an "extreme decluttering" at once in the beginning, creating up a system and you'll stay tidy and uncluttered afterward. I am now a convert.

Once I experienced that drastic change, I always remember that feeling of peaceful joy being in the room after the extreme declutter + cleanup. Now my goal is to keep the habit of removing unused things and keeping the joy of coming back to my room for a quality me-time. I love that "freedom" feeling!

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